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Die Alive
Die Alive

Belépett : 2009. Dec. 12.
Hozzászólások : 24

TémanyitásTárgy: Re: Hírek   Kedd Jún. 01, 2010 9:35 am

🙇 Szép eredmény, gratulálok! Hivatalos oldal lettünk :headbang: bounce :cheer:

(tetszenek ezek az új smile-k :boogie2: )
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Until My Last Breath
Until My Last Breath

Belépett : 2009. Dec. 05.
Hozzászólások : 286

TémanyitásTárgy: Re: Hírek   Vas. Május 30, 2010 8:05 pm

Grat,foleg neked!
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What Lies Beneath
What Lies Beneath

Belépett : 2009. Dec. 03.
Hozzászólások : 917

TémanyitásTárgy: 222   Vas. Május 30, 2010 1:37 pm

Mátol a klub hivatalos lett!

Most már az oldal teljesen magyar nyelvű (a fontosabb tudnivalók megmaradtak fordításban is).
És hamarosan linkelve leszünk a valamint a is.


A hozzászólást Kinga összesen 1 alkalommal szerkesztette, legutóbb Hétf. Május 31, 2010 5:15 pm-kor.
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What Lies Beneath
What Lies Beneath

Belépett : 2009. Dec. 03.
Hozzászólások : 917

TémanyitásTárgy: Hírek   Vas. Dec. 27, 2009 5:17 pm

Ebben mi még nem vehettünk részt, mivel amikor meg volt hirdetve a klub még nem működött, de itt elolvashatjátok a Tarja válaszait. Legközelebb már mi is részt vehetünk az ilyesmikben. Smile

Winter Storm Czech Republic

Dear Tarja,
we all know that you like Rammstein, could you tell us names of three of your favorite Rammstein songs, if you have ever been on their concert and would you like to make a song with them? Anna Marie Dvořáková

Reise reise, Mutter, Mein Herz brennt.

I have never been in a Rammstein concert, even though I would love to. I don't see Rammstein performing my songs nor me singing their songs, but a collaboration for a special project doing music together would be wonderful.

Winter Storm Costa Rica

Tarja, I always liked the dresses you wear at concerts etc. I read on a page that you and Marcelo secretly married and that you had wedding party. So I would love to know what kind of wedding dress you´ve been wearing and what kind of style it was? Alejandra Montes

I didn't get married in secret. All my friends, relatives and business partners got an invitation for our weddings. This was a private celebration where press was not invited, not a secret event.
The colour of my dress was ivory and it had long sleeves, long tale and some golden details embroidered in the silk material.

Winter Storm Colombia

I love the way and the passion you have when you sing in a stage, what is the most important thing you always have in your mind when you're singing in front of an audience? And how did you feel and what do you remember of the concert in Colombia in 2008? Lizeth Paola Lugo

I am the storyteller, trying to make people travel with the help of my voice to different feelings. I need to stay humble otherwise I would loose my gift. I always want to give my very best for the audience, no matter the circumstances. I remember that my show in Bogotá got delayed because of some technical problems. Other than that the concert was a success and the people in Colombia were fantastic. Some guys gave me a birthday cake in Bogotá and I still remember how cute they were.

Winter Storm USA

With all of your experience and knowledge would you ever write a biography or an album of your life? Sherrie Wynne

One way or another you are already reading my life like an open book, from my lyrics and through my music. It is fascinating to be able to write music on your own and challenge yourself every day. There has been many publishers interested in writing a biography of me, but these kind of things take time and I am not in a hurry. Maybe some day it would be nice to get all the things I've done in my career down in a book, but not yet.

Winter Storm Belgium

It's already hard to write a poem, let alone such poetry as you write on music. What is the first thing you have in mind if you're writing a song? Music or Lyrics? And what has been your inspiration. Lore (CenturyxChild)

I never write the lyrics before the music.
Sometimes when I have a very strong idea for a song theme or even a title for a song, it's easier to start writing the music for it. When the music is done, then I write the lyrics. Things bothering me, things moving me, people around, the nature, surroundings, different cultures, movies and books are my inspiration.

Winter Storm Russia (

Dear Tarja! In your conversation with russian fans which took place last year you said that you like sportcars, including "F1". How long are you interested in this kind of sport? are you a fan of any team or pilot? Would you like to write a song about it or about your compatriot Kimi Raikkonen? Andrey

I am a fan of cars in general. I like old cars and very fast sport cars. I have been following “F1” for many years, mainly because of the Finnish talented drivers. I have been watching “F1” in Sao Paulo, Brazil with my husband, but I have never thought of writing a song about racing.

Winter Storm Romania

Maybe a bit early to ask, but do you think that What Lies Beneath is going to have its representative characters, as My Winter Storm had? Regarding to the title, is there any chance that we would see a Tarja-siren, for example? Silvia

I am not planning to use the same concept for the artwork/design including characters on my new album. There is going to be one theme throughout the whole album, so every song is one way or another linked with this theme. The artwork will present the stories in some of the songs. Tarja siren sounds nice, but I think it stays only in your imagination this time!

Winter Storm Italy

First of all I want to thank you for all the emotions you gave us. My question is:
What do you think when the concert is over? Thank's a lot again, a kiss
Mattia & Gaia Telch

It takes me a quite long time to leave the feeling I had on the stage behind. The adrenaline is running still few hours and it is very hard to fall asleep. Many times I am really hungry after the show, because on the show days I hardly eat anything. When I go to bed I go the whole show through in my mind. No matter if the show has been a “success” or a “disaster”.

Winter Storm Greece

Do you have any plans for a DVD or maybe a video clip for a new song? Dimitris Machairas

I would love to be able to film a DVD in the future, but there are no concrete plans for it yet with Universal Music. I hope this will happen after my next album. You can of course expect to see at least two new video clips of my first singles from the new album during 2010.

Winter Storm France

What are the countries of the world which you did not visit and which you would like to know ? Have you already dived into French waters ? Like in Corsica, in the Antilles or in French Polynesia ?" Melie

China, India, Malaysia and New Zealand are in my top ten list for countries to visit next. My dream is as well to be able to dive in French Polynesia one day. Maybe go to Bora Bora to relax. I haven't been diving in French waters yet...unfortunately.

Winter Storm Poland

What can really crack you up? Mila

Many times I have needed to admit that I can be really foolish and make stupid mistakes and then it's good to laugh. Normally the best laughs are happening with my brothers who know me the best. A good comedy movie is as well a great tool to relax and forget worries.

Winter Storm Germany

Could you imagine to release an aria album one day? Florian Blaschke

Why not. I am very open for new challenges. I have managed to gather great and talented musicians around me and I am sure to get their very best help for an album like that. It would be wonderful to record an aria album with an orchestra. This will anyway take a long time and preparation from me which I don't have at the moment.

Winter Storm Rio

Dear Tarja! How do you feel when you hear about your fans who waited in line overnight just to attend your concert in the first row or to meet you personally? Ednan Alves Pessoa

Sometimes it really feels strange to hear stories and talk with people that have made a big effort just to meet me. What is the thing in my art that moves people so much? I know that there are many people that are travelling all around the world to my concerts. I really appreciate the love and support I am getting from people around me. I surely hope I would be worth for your efforts in the future too. I am trying to do my best in every concert.

Winter Storm Bulgaria

What is your dearest childhood memory? Georgi Ivanov

My parents made me a big surprise when I was 6 years old. They have bought me a piano which I still have today. It was such a surprise that I never forget that feeling I had when I walked into our living room and saw that beautiful black instrument there. My parents were always very supportive towards my wishes in music.

Winter Storm Mexico

Independientemente de tus actividades musicales, desempeñas alguna actividad deportiva? o tienes algun deporte favorito aunque no lo practiques? Edgar Ivan Rodríguez Ramírez

I am running, doing aerobics, swimming, diving and singing! I like to watch football games, but I am not into playing football myself.

Winter Storm Spain

¿Tienes pensado por casualidad crear una firma de ropa y complementos de Tarja y comercializarla en tus propias tiendas / franquicia? Iris

When I would have any time left outside of music! I am very interested in fashion and beauty in general and I think I have created my own style which has been developing naturally through out the years. My taste in clothing has become more clear as well in the last couple of years. Now finally I know what looks good on me and what doesn't! Anyway, to create an own line of clothing would be too much for now. If I decide to take more time off from touring and composing one day, maybe it could be a option for a future.

Winter Storm Netherlands

Is there any chance that you will record an album with a complete orchestra and choir, and also will give some concerts with the orchestra and choir? Erik

Like I did with My Winter Storm, there will be an orchestra and choir recorded for my new album as well, but there are no concrete plans for an album just with an orchestra. I have done many concerts already with a choir and an orchestra and there will be many more to come in next years.

Winter Storm Chile

Hello Tarja, what are there songs that have marked his life? Francisca Gómez

Phantom of the opera. The inspiration for why I started to sing classical music.
Von ewiger Liebe from Brahms. The reason I chose chamber music instead of studying just opera.
Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. I understood that there are no borders nor rules in music. Is just the emotion that matters.
I walk alone. My first single and very important beginning for my solo career.

Winter Storm Argentina

In all the places that you are, which was the most beauty for you? Jorge Sanchez

There are many places, but to mention only one; Iguazu falls Argentina. Incredible natural beauty.


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